The c3z3.com domain is the home of the websites listed below.

Card Zone

Card Inspirations
We help you make beautiful greetings cards

Pinbroidery Blog
Greeting Card Stitching Pattern News

Stitch A Card Blog
Formerly Prick And Stitch Is My Craft

Camera Zone

Animator Mag
Published between 1982 and 1995

DavideoVisits Blog
Interesting Places and Scenic Enchantment

Craft Zone

The Road To Knitting
Printable eco-friendly knitting patterns

By sharing resources, these websites use less energy than separate domains would, making them more eco-friendly. Plus, you can reach any of them quickly by typing the following shortcodes into your web browser address bar.

Animator Mag: c3z3.com/a/
Card Inspirations: c3z3.com/c/
DavideoVisits: c3z3.com/d/
Pinbroidery: c3z3.com/p/
Stitch A Card: c3z3.com/s/
The Road to Knitting: c3z3.com/t/

Or c3z3.com will take you to this page.

Why c3z3?

c3z3 was chosen because it is short and easy to remember (all the letters/numbers rhyme when z is pronounced zee). The number 3 has powerful symbolism. Think about good things coming in 3s (3 wishes, 3 wise men, etc.). Wherever the number 3 shows up in your life, it is generally an omen of creativity, communication, curiosity, zeal, zest, and zen.

Useful links

The following websites are not on c3z3 but may be of interest.

Stitching Cards - card stitching patterns

Form-A-Lines - card stitching patterns

String Art Fun - string art patterns

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