Siriol and SuperTed – Page 3

SuperTed A series of 12 episodes, first shown on 540 in 1982 then on BBC television in 1983. Made by Siriol Animation Ltd Produced by Roger Ficking Executive Producer and creator of SuperTed; Mike Young Directed by Dave Edwards Series Storyline: This is a story about an ordinary teddy bear. When he was made they found … Read more

The Shadows Move – the 1970s

In part 7 Ken Clark concludes his history of British animation. The first Cambridge Animation Festival was staged on a shoe-string budget one long weekend in November 1967. The event was so successful the City fathers decided to sponsor a more ambitious five-day animation celebration the following year. This time the emphasis was on a … Read more

The Shadows Move – the 1970s – Page 2

Names other than the familiar Halas & Batchelor rose to the fore, though to be fair, H & B were the first to make an animated series for TV. In fact, work commenced on no less than three separate series in 1960, they we Habatales, Foo-Foo, and Snip & Snap. Australian Bob Godfrey co-directed the … Read more

The Shadows Move – the 1970s – Page 4

“John Hubley started the film as director, and we did an hour of the film which was not usable. An hour! I can tell you that was deadly. You see, John was here for three weeks and away for four, back for four and away for three, and he alternated like that, but it didn’t … Read more

How to be a Racing Driver

By David Coleman “You’re going to give a talk on animation at my school next Friday.” “Eh? What?” “Well I told the head¬mistress you would, so that’s that. There are disadvantages to having a sister who’s a primary school teacher. Now and then she wants a zoetrope built – or repaired. She will appropriate one’s … Read more

Channel 4 Logo

The Channel 4 logo is a familiar sight to channel 4 viewers. John Halas tells the fascinating story of how it came into being. Nobody would deny the usefulness of a well-considered corporate identity. Major industrial organisations have recognized its value. Corporate identities for television companies, however, are different. Television logos appear on the TV screen … Read more

Richard Taylor’s Swimsong

By Ken Clark and Richard Taylor In the last edition of Animator (No. 9) I gave the impression that the credit for the Barclays Bank cartoons made at the Larkins Studios in the Fifties was due to the work of Beryl Stevens; in doing so, I belittled the contribution made by others. Richard Taylor has … Read more