Animation Workshops with Young People

Jessica Langford runs an animation workshop in Edinburgh and much of her work involves contact with the local schools. She gives us the benefit of her experience. Animation is one of the simplest, most creative and exciting ways of making a film – and these are some of the main reasons why young people respond … Read more

Lip Synch Cut-outs

Fred Wells tells us of his simple method of adding mouth movements to cut-out animation. My knowledgeable friend (we all have one) then suggested that I might find lip synch. a more difficult exercise for cut out animation. Unable to resist a challenge (the mark of an animator, I subsequently found) I picked up the … Read more

Christmas for Sale

Film student lain McCall tells us of a film he made on the animation course at Liverpool Polytechnic. For the last two years, I have been involved with the many aspects of single frame film making. Whilst being conscious of the traditional concepts of animation, I am acutely aware of the infinite possibilities of expression … Read more

Christmas for Sale – Page 2

Frame enlargements from Christmas for Sale. Original drawings were pencil on paper and then filmed on 16mm negative stock so that the projected picture is white lines on a black background. page 1 | page 2 Printed in Animator’s newsletter Issue 10 (Autumn 1984)

Animated Sketch Book – Animals moving

By Ian Witworth of Cosgrove-Hall Animation. Animals moving have a definite pattern to the order in which they move their legs. Study the dog walking – when the front left leg is moving forward the back right leg is also in motion. The sequence of the dog running shows that the front legs begin to … Read more