Issue 16 – Index of selected articles

Issue number 16 – Summer 1986. Ken Clark chats with John Coates John Coates talks about the TVC animation studio and how it survived after the loss of its founder George Dunning. Will the REAL Walt Disney… Brian Sibley has been reading two biographies of Walt Disney; Leonard Mosley ‘s Real Walt Disney and Richard … Read more

Issue 16 – Front cover

Animator. Summer 1986. Issue number 16. Front cover illustrations: Paintings from Channel Four Summer 86 titles animated by Animus Productions. Tony White, director of Animus Productions, working on Channel Four Summer 86 titles.

Will the REAL Walt Disney…

Brian Sibley has been reading the two recently published biographies of Walt Disney. Two biographies of Walt Disney? Published in the same week? What can be so fascinating about the man? Well, to begin with, he is the greatest dream-merchant of this, or any, age: the creator of a pantheon of cartoon gods and goddesses … Read more

Walt Disney’s Pinocchio – Animation Masterwork – Page 2

The characters, like those in Snow White, are sharply delineated: a cast of players, humorous and dramatic, who compensate for the somewhat insipid personality of Pinocchio himself. First and foremost there is Jimmy Cricket – voiced by veteran Hollywood entertainer, Cliff Edwards, and visualized by the young Disney animator, Ward Kimball (who was on the … Read more