Goblin – a bedroom studio winner

Tony James was one of the finalists in the BBC television Showreel 88 competition with Goblin. He explains the background to the film. As a pre-TV child I grew up with a love of cinema and theatre, and recall performing, writing and painting scenery for my brother’s amateur company in Birmingham. My father made me … Read more

Bridging the great divide

Computerised video graphics have strongly challenged practitioners of diagrammatic film animation. They have also been used by Disney and Hanna-Barbera to create animation for segments of cartoon feature films. Ken Clark gives an overview of computer graphic systems available today and some advice about bridging the gap between traditional animators and computer technicians. When I … Read more

Bridging the great divide – Page 2

At the Odeon, Marble Arch that same evening I watched a succession of short sequences which they called idents and stings, all demonstrating the current state of the art and competing for the annual awards. The most memorable effects were those which simulated water; raindrops falling on to dry sand and building up to a … Read more

Bridging the great divide – Page 3

John Halas combined computer animated effects with cartoon animation in Autobahn (1979), a little classic of its kind. A fantasy, featuring a green space boy wearing dark goggles, with the ability to fly through surreal space, the film is pure inventive imagery. As a mixture of old and new techniques it is completely successful. As … Read more

I’m just mad about Saffron

Paul Thomas is probably the most independent of London’s independent animators. He has turned his back on commercial work to follow his own dreams. He talks to David Jefferson about his latest production based on black and white photographs animated against painted backgrounds. If you have read past issues of Animator you may know something … Read more

I’m just mad about Saffron – Page 2

The production team was culled from various phases of Paul’s career. Co-animator/scriptwriter, David Skinner was an old school chum. He previously worked with Paul on RAM, a film for Channel 4. David’s fine art backgrounds add a maturity and logic that compliments Paul’s way out state of mind. David spent long days and nights working … Read more

Peter Lord interviewed at Aardman Animations

Aardman Animations the plasticine puppeteers. Plasticine animators Peter Lord and David Sproxton gained their early experience animating Morph for a children’s television show. Nowadays their studio is in great demand for television commercial work but they still find time to produce entertainment animation, such as their Lip Synch series shown recently on Channel Four. Report … Read more