Designer dominated Disney books

It should be said at once that two books from Hyperion, the Disney company’s new publishing house, Disney’s Art of Animation by Bob Thomas and The Art of Mickey Mouse, editors Craig Yoe & Janet Morra-Yoe, are disappointing and overpriced for what they purport to offer, writes Robin Allan. It is sad to be unenthusiastic … Read more

Animating a theme park ride

Computer animation is playing a major role in the production of a theme park rides. Charles Gibson, of Rhythm and Hues, addressed an audience on the subject at the Annecy Animation Festival. David Jefferson reports. A seminar entitled “Technical and aesthetic issues involved in integrating images” was staged at the Annecy Animation Festival. A number … Read more

Animating a theme park ride – Page 2

Alternative techniques were proposed, such as building a physical model and flying a motion controlled camera through. However, it is not possible to build a model big enough for a continuous five-minute ride. The three-dimensional part was a straight forward job for the computer graphics but the integration of the two mediums brought forth a … Read more