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Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers


A flower design is created in fabric of various colours and patterns. This is mounted on a square deckle edge card and the outlines piped in gold fabric paint.

Materials used

  • Parchment cream single fold deckle edge greetings card 144mm (5.5in) square
  • Three patterned fabrics in colours of your choice
  • Double sided self-adhesive sheet
  • Gold fabric dimensional paint



Diagram 1


Diagram 2

You can use any fabric with a suitable colour and pattern.

Save diagrams 1 and 2 to a folder on your computer and then use a photoshop type program to make their size 144mm (5.5in) square. Print them out.

There are three different fabrics in this design. We have used dark pink for pieces 1, 2 and 6; light pink for pieces 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8; green for pieces A, B, C and D. Cut out a square of each fabric large enough to accommodate the pieces required by the design. Stick each piece on one side of a square of double-sided self-adhesive sheet.

Cut out the shapes on your printed version of diagram 2.

Using the paper shapes as a template cut out the shapes in the fabric you stuck to the double-sided self-adhesive sheet.

Assemble the shapes on your card using diagram 1 as a guide. Put down shapes 1 and 2 first, then 3 followed by 4 and 5. On the other flower put down shape 6 followed by 7 then 8.

When the flowers are complete outline the design with gold dimensional fabric paint. Also add leaf detail and stems with the paint.

The pink flower card was made by Linda Jefferson.


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