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Butterflies and flowers

Butterflies card


An aperture card has fabric, featuring butterflies and flowers, mounted in a round aperture. The fabric is padded and the card is finished with decorative peel-off shapes in the corners.

Materials used

  • A double fold greetings card with round aperture
  • Fabric of your choice
  • Polyester wadding
  • Sticker decorative shapes of your choice
  • Double-sided adhesive tape


You can use any fabric with a suitable pattern. Select the part of the pattern you are going to use.

Cut a square of fabric slightly larger than the aperture.
If you want to bring a part of the design forward, such as a butterfly wing, cut round the part that will overlap onto the card. Put double sided tape onto the back of this cut-out piece.

Cut out a circle of wadding the size of the aperture.

Put a strip of double-sided tape across the middle of the back of the fabric. Secure the wadding to the fabric.

Put double sided tape on the inside of the card around the aperture. Fix the material to this.

Pull out the cut-out piece to the front of the card. Remove the backing of the double-sided tape and fix in place.

Close the backing flap of the card and fix with double-sided tape.

Add peel-off sticker decorative shapes.

The butterflies and flower card was made by Linda Jefferson.

The peel-off sticker corners reproduced here by kind permission of the copyright owners.


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