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Quick Tag Card

Quick Tag Card


A card printed with a decorative pattern is personalised with the addition of colourful tags and silver word stickers.

Materials used

  • Two cards from the Designer Cards Box 104 mm x 147 mm
  • Ribbon
  • Anita's Outline sticker OLS65272 Birthday Party Silver
  • Pink ribbon
  • Card adhesive such as double-sided tape or glue stick
  • Self-adhesive mini foam pads
  • Scissors or craft knife and metal edge ruler


Open one of the decorative printed cards and cut out two tag shapes, one from the front and one from the back. The illustration shows the card with the shapes cut out.



Mount one of the tags on top of the other at an angle and stick them together with double-sided self-adhesive tape. Pearce a hole through the tags and add a decorative ribbon.

Mount the tags on the front of your greetings card with self-adhesive mini foam pads to give a dimensional effect.

Add silver Happy Birthday sticker words to the tags using the illustration as a guide.

The quick tag card was designed by Naomi Jackson and reproduced with kind permission.

All printed and sticker images are copyright and reproduced with kind permission.


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