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Window sticker card

Window sticker card


A dark blue single fold card has four square apertures cut in the front. Each aperture is covered with a silver edged clear window sticker. The stickers feature small daisy heads punched from gold card. A silver message sticker completes the design.

Materials used

  • Dark blue single fold greetings card 125 mm (5 in) square
  • Clear plastic window stickers with silver border 40 mm square
  • Thin gold card
  • Silver dots (sticker waste)
  • Silver message sticker of your choice
  • Small daisy punch
  • Big craft punch square


Open the greetings card and punch the four square apertures with the big craft punch using the illustration as a guide. You will be able to locate the position of the punch more accurately if you turn it upside down and use the hole in the base to line it up. The card was pushed in to the punch as far as it would go.

Add a clear window sticker to the front of the card over each aperture.

Punch four small daisy heads from gold card. Add one to each of the window stickers on the inside.

Add window stickers to the inside of the card, backing the ones on the front, to sandwich the daisy heads.

Add a small silver dot to each of the daisy heads. Add two oblong dots to either side of the daisy head using the illustration as a guide. These dots are from stickers and are the shapes left behind when the positive image is removed. For example the small dots might be from the centre of a small letter 'o'.

Add a silver message sticker of your choice in the centre.

Window sticker card made by Shirley Little and reproduced with kind permission.

All images copyright and reproduced with kind permission.


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