How did PinBroidery get its name?

We were looking for an exclusive word that sums up the prick and stitch method of making greetings cards. A pin is used to prick out the pattern and embroidery techniques are used to stitch the design. A natural progression from this led us to PinBroidery.

Unfortunately it is a word that is easy to misspell as Pinbroidary, Pinbrodery, Pinbrodary or Pinbroderie. To make sure people will find us we have registered the .com versions of each of these spellings.

How do you like our choice of name? Let us know in a comment to this message.

13 thoughts on “How did PinBroidery get its name?”

  1. What a fantastic name. It got me thinking last night as I would love to start up a website with some patterns of my own. Are they easy to do? Would love some advice.
    Love your downloads. I am going to do one this week.

  2. Quote Ema Satchell: “I would love to start up a website with some patterns of my own. Are they easy to do? Would love some advice.”

    The free Pinbroidery patterns were produced by a designer who is very experienced in the field of paper embroidery. Some flower patterns will be offered for sale in due course.

  3. Im very excited to see you start up a new site. I am a recent convert to paper embroidery. Im addicted…and cant get enough. Look forward to seeing more.

  4. Thank you for asking Philip.

    The short answer is no. The longer explanation is as follows:

    Pinbroidery is part of the Form-A-Lines group. Form-A-Lines patterns are only sold as printed patterns in the first instance and then as downloads when they go out of print.

    Pinbroidery patterns will only be available as downloads from this web site. There will not be printed versions. That is why we decided to launch a separate web site for them.

    Form-A-Lines separated from Card Inspirations in 2007 when the business changed hands. Stitching Cards is also a separate company from Pinbroidery and Form-A-Lines.

  5. I think it is great. I love your patterns and keep up the nice work. Always am anxious to receive the new one. Since I started this a year ago I don;t even know where my knitting needles and crochet hooks are!!!!!!!!

  6. This is the first I have heard of this. Is Pinbroidery the same as Paper Embroidery just with a different name? Is it a new technique?

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