PinBroidery pattern smaller size test

I have been conducting a pattern size survey on the Prick and Stitch is my Craft blog. This has produced a good response with about half of those voting saying they would like the PinBroidery square patterns to be smaller than 144 x 144 mm (5¾ x 5¾ inches). To take the survey to the next stage I have produced a reduced-size version of the flower corners pattern available free from this website. Editor’s note: Following a successful trial the 120 x 120 mm size pricking pattern was added to the original flower corners pattern. This is a free download from the Form-A-Lines website.

Flower corners pricking pattern

Click here to go to the flower corners pattern at Form-A-Lines.

I have reduced the pattern to 120 x 120 mm (4¾ x 4¾ inches). There are a number of manufacturers who produce single-fold greeting card blanks that a stitched panel of this size could be mounted on.

I do like the larger size as it gives me more scope to develop the pattern. What I have in mind for future PinBroidery patterns is that I could supply the pricking pattern in two sizes: 144 mm square and a reduced size to be decided. Your feedback will help me come to a decision on this.

Please let me have your feedback on the smaller pattern as a comment to this article or on the Prick and Stitch is my Craft blog.

12 thoughts on “PinBroidery pattern smaller size test”

  1. Thank you. This pattern is so much better for the cards I make and the distance between the holes doesn’t look unmanageable. However, as I can resize myself I will go with whatever the majority decide. Thank you so much for all your beautiful patterns large or small!!

  2. I just tested the larger pattern download and it worked OK for me Janet. Perhaps the website was busy when you tried, it would then take a while to come through.

  3. Just a thought here – In the USA they charge extra to mail square cards. So rather than large and small – which as pointed out by Gill4 we can resize ourselves. How about a Square and oblong version of some patterns?

  4. I would prefer to have the option of decreasing the size of the patterns since they fit the card stock I now have. I have been making these cards for over a year and have quite a supply built up of numerous colors. I prefer to buy individual patterns over the internet to having books with numerous patterns I will never use.

  5. I would like to say thank you, this is a great thing to be able to change the size, i have just one question? what happens to the dots ? and i would love to know how to increase the size.
    thank you from leone/ crafty thoughts

  6. Thank you David. I stitch a lot, but although I have not done any of these yet I do like the opportunity to vary sizes. I usually do this by photocopying and reducing – not being a computer fiddler! I appreciate your help therefore. A 90mm size maybe? Barbara

  7. I prefer smaller patterns, I tend to make cards A6 size as they then come into the standard weight of 20g here in France, most cards I send have to go overseas so it’s cheaper that way.
    I tend to print them out onto an A5 sheet (just change the papar size on the print preview) and that works out quite well, you can swap between landscape and portrait view too for changing sizes.
    Just bought the new number patterns, I’m sure they will be useful.

    Sue T

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