The PinBroidery online shop is now open

Our new online shop has arrived and the first six patterns are available for purchase. More patterns will be added in due course.

PinBroidery is part of the Form-A-Lines Stitching Cards group and offers the same reliable and secure service.

This flower designs on the new patterns were inspired by the work of William Morris. He was a nineteenth century English architect, furniture and textile designer, artist and writer associated with the English Arts and Crafts Movement. It would make a beautiful card for birthdays, congratulations and other special occasions.

These PinBroidery patterns have more detail than a typical Form-A-lines pattern. I estimate that they will take about twice as long to stitch. I would be interested in any feedback on the time they take. Give us your thoughts in a comment to this post.

8 thoughts on “The PinBroidery online shop is now open”

  1. Wow David, thank you they are just gorgeous,as am home recuperating will be off to print and start this afternoon. Many thanks for all your hard work and efforts to please so many of us.

  2. These designs are just great and I have bought them already. I think it’s a good mixture to have some square ones as well as the others. Variety is the spice of life . Lynette

  3. really like the pinbroidery designs but would love to see them fit note card size. I wish there were more of the
    smaller size. emma

  4. I couldn’t find the survey link so I will post my opinion here.
    I love the size of the patterns as they make nice large cards. My printer can shrink the design to fit the card I am making without losing the quality of the design. Have made them all David, and for the first time I am going to duplicate cards. In case no-one else noticed – the design with the hearts etc, can be used for borders, and corner(s). It is just beautiful.
    More, More, More, David.

  5. I love these new patterns and have already made the creeper. I am now working on the tulips but having some trouble following the pattern. Is anyone else having difficulty especially the tulips?

    I have also reduced the pattern on my printer by 90% without loss of quality. I agree with Alice, more please!!!

    Thank you!

  6. I think these patterns are fantastic, nice to have a bit more of a challenge, though I have only done the marigolds and the membland so far, I really enjoyed doing them.
    Have you thought of doing any designs based on the Alhambra decorations and tiles, I think it would be great.
    I like working with the square format, but, found it hard to track down any large enough cards…I like to do my embroidery and then stick it to the card leaving a border round the edge, I never thought of using the tri-fold cards so thanks for that tip.

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