Where to buy square double-fold cards

Double fold cards have three panels and two fold lines. The design is stitched on the centre panel. When the stitching is finished the right-hand panel is folded inside and fixed with card adhesive or double-sided self-adhesive tape. This hides the back of the stitching.

Designs on our sister website Form-A-Lines, fit a card size of 104 x 152 mm (4 x 6 inches). This is a standard card size that is readily available in the UK.

double fold card

I have been asked by Joyce, a Form-A-Lines customer, where she can obtain square double fold cards suitable for the PinBroidery patterns in the United Kingdom. The good news is that Craft Creations manufacture 144 x 144 mm double fold cards in a wide range of colours and finishes. They are available directly from Craft Creations by mail order. They should also be available from retailers who stock Craft Creations cards.

I regret that I do not have knowledge of the overseas craft market so can not advise where to buy square double-fold cards in Australia or the USA. However, if any of our readers know of a source of supply then please let us know in a comment to this post.

A5 card

The 144 x 144 mm card size is particularly important to British customers because the British postal service make an extra charge for envelopes larger than 165 x 240 mm. There is a standard office size envelope called C5 which is 162 × 229 mm. This takes an A4 sheet folded in half once. Since A4 sheets of card are readily available in the UK this would make an ideal blank card to mount your PinBroidery 144 x 144 mm stitched card on. Your cards would then go into the British postal system at the normal letter rate.

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  1. thanks David for the info,must admit prefer to buy my cards as above but I also stitch on a piece of card and then mount onto a single fold card to hide the stitching, have to be careful with white though as you gert various shades even in white, will be off to look

  2. Any future Pinbroidery patterns are likely to be this size Sue. However, at this early stage it is difficult to say how frequently and how many patterns will be published here.

  3. That is fine David, I have just ordered and mixed the sizes I think they are lovely, still trying to stitch my first one chose the creeper to start with !! so far taken around 2.5 hrs and nearly half done
    They sre a challenge but I like that. Thank you

  4. I could not find square double fold cards in shops and mail order websites in Australia so I asked a couple of mail order/retail companies and both have told me that they can make them as a special order with minimum of 50. The two companies are:(1) Regal Craft Cards of Launceston, Tasmania – website http://www.regalcraftcards.com.au and email [email protected]. Price $25 for 50 cards 145x145mm including envelopes, postage extra. (2) Alice in Paperland in Sydney – http://www.aliceinpaperland.com.au. I was quoted $6.95 for 20 or 34c each but minimum order must be 50 cards with size 140x140mm. This works out at $17. However they do not include envelopes so they would have to be bought separately and their website indicates $6.50 for 20. However Regal Craft Cards sell the square envelopes to fit for much less.

  5. David, Your Desings are wonderful. I buy all my craft materials from Regal Craft Cards in Tasmania. [email protected]. Cards plus envelops, single fold, three fold and cut out. designs. r Prices ange from $18 to $ $25 for 50 depending on size and coluur. They also sell them in packs of tens. You can send for a free catolouge featuring all theirproducts,

  6. I make the vast majority of my cards using single fold double card. I then cut good quality printer paper to fit, then trim it using a paper cutter with different effects. I then stick the paper inside the card hiding the stitiches. You can also print your own messages on the paper prior to inserting them in the card. It just takes a wee while to get it right the first time using the computer – but you can use the same set-up again and again personalising each card – really appreciated by the recipients. I also make my own Christmas cards and personalise the insides with our address, telephone number and e-mail – a good way of making sure that everyone knows your details.

  7. In the US –the major craft stores are Micheals and JoaNNS (MIDWEST) and they carry the square cards/envelopes. BUT they are more costly. I usually go to the office supply store and get square envelopes and cut my cardstock and score it. Making my own card. OR go to the stores and use the coupons
    My firends have seen the square patterns and loved them–a couple have given me a supply of square cards for my birthday — so I am set.
    David I hope there is many more patterns coming from this site. In fact I am watching for new ones soon/(hint)

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