The PinBroidery technique

A demonstration of the prick and stitch card making technique

Star Border pattern

We are using the free Star Border PinBroidery pattern to demonstrate the embroidery technique.

The illustration shows the greetings card stitched with antique silver thread on the wavy border and confetti pink thread on the stars.

The blank card

Cut a rectangle of cardCut a rectangle of card to the size of the pricking pattern.

Cut two small pieces of tape and fix them to the back of the card, one at the top and one at the bottom, overhanging the edge.

Place the card face up on your pricking mat.

The pricking pattern

Lay the sheet with your PinBroidery pricking pattern over the card.
Line up the border of the pattern with the edge of the card.
This is made easier if you place the card on the glass of a window and use the incoming light to see through the paper pattern.

When it is lined up apply pressure in the area of the two pieces of tape to hold the pattern in position.

Lay the sheet with your PinBroidery pricking pattern over the card

Prick the holes in the card with a suitable pricking tool.

When all of the holes have been pricked remove the paper pricking pattern and tape. Turn the card over so that it is face down.

We are using a number 10 embroidery needle and metallic thread. If this is your first attempt at this kind of card making then use whatever you have to hand.

Thread your needle with a length of about 1/3 rd meter (13 inches).

Stitching the border

We are starting with the wavy border.

Study the PinBroidery diagram and decide on the first hole to use. Pass the needle from the back of the card through the first hole, to the front.

Fix the thread in placePull the thread through until there is a short tail showing. Fix the tail in place with a piece of self-adhesive tape.

Out at 1 in at 3The border is worked in stem stitch. The instructions are as follows :

Out at 1 in at 3.

“Out at” means pass the needle through the hole from the back of your card to the front.

“in at” means pass the needle from the front of the card, through the hole, to the back.

Out at 2 in at 4Out at 2 in at 4.

This means we move back one hole and move forward two holes, creating an overlap in the stitches.

Out at 3 in at 5Out at 3 in at 5.

Out at 4 in at 6Out at 4 in at 6.

Continue to move forward in the way until the border is complete.

Refer to the PinBroidery pattern illustration to ensure that your card stitching is correct.

When you come to the end of a thread secure it to the back of your card with self-adhesive tape and start a new thread.

Stitching the stars

The stars are worked in a crossing fill stitch. The stages are shown here.

Out at 1 in at 2.

This means you come out of hole 1, take the needle across the shape, and in at the hole marked 2 on the pattern diagram.

Out at 3 in at 4.

Out at 5 in at 6.

Out a 7 in at 8.

The star is now complete.

Stitch the other stars in a similar way using the PinBroidery illustration as a guide.

Finishing touches

When your embroidery is complete you can mount the rectangle of card on the front of your greetings card. This will hide the back of the work.

We use double-sided self-adhesive tape to mount the stitched card.

You could use layers of card in different colours to create an attractive design.

Add a picture of your choice to the center of the card.