How to reduce the size of your pricking pattern for delicate results

One of my blog readers, Jackie Welch, has sent me a picture of a card she has made with a reduced size pattern. Jackie says “I am quite pleased at how delicate the design looks”. If you fancy having a go at this it is easy to reduce the size by changing the print settings in Adobe Reader.

reduced tree

Jackie used the free Form-A-Lines Christmas tree pattern for her example card. In the above picture you can see a standard sized design on the left and Jackie’s card on the right. She has reduced the size of the pricking pattern by a third.

print settings

You can alter the settings in Adobe Reader to scale the picture to the size you want.

1. Open the pattern file in Adobe Reader and select “Print” from the “File” menu.

2. This will open a print dialogue box.

3. In the “Page Handling” section look for “Page Scaling” and select “Tile all pages” from the drop-down menu (see the above picture).

4. Another box will then appear below this called “Tile Scale”.

5. Set this to the required percentage. Jackie used 67% on her card.

6. The pattern can now be printed at the chosen reduced size.

Alternative method

Another way of reducing the pattern size is to select a narrower size of paper when you print the pattern and set the Adobe Reader “Page scaling” to “Fit to paper”. For example if you select “Executive” as the paper size (if it is listed on your printer) this is 7.25 inches wide so the pattern will be reduced by about 20%. You do not need to change the actual paper in your printer to do this.

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