Category: #31 Spring 1994 | Article posted on: December 26, 2010

David Jefferson.

Animator magazine takes on a new look with this issue. By producing it all in black and white I have made considerable cost savings which will enable me to continue publishing the magazine. The alternative was to stop publishing the magazine altogether. I hope you will agree this is the best way forward in these difficult times. As the production of the magazine is now simplified I plan to bring it out at least four times a year. You will note the cover price is almost halved and this means you will get many more magazines for your subscription payment.

In this issue we look at the impact the computer is having on the professional world of animation in The Jerry Hibbert Masterclass and Annecy 93. There is a report on Amiga computers, Anim-Amiga, which are to be found in numerous homes as well as animation studios. As an antidote to all this computer talk Steve Archer writes about Animation Before Computers; his life in puppet animation.

I will be interested to hear your comments on the new style Animator and any news reports and suggestions for articles will be very welcome.

David Jefferson.