Reader’s Letters


I was interested to read that it’s your intention to begin an animation newsletter.

Really it’s a good idea because today you only have the choice of one magazine and it’s only good to keep you in touch with today’s prices of accessories and equipment. Anyway I’m sure that all who do animation will rally around and give you the support that you deserve.

No doubt it will have to be advertised to launch the project; anyway once you are ready you can count me in and give me details regarding the cost etc. Really it’s what I need because I still have the “L” plates on. Good luck.

Syd Proudlock.


There I was, about a week ago, wondering whether or not to write to Filmcraft and ask for a new price list when ZAP through the letterbox came one. Can it be, I thought, that we are both telepathological and even psychic?

It was a nice surprise, I can tell you after a hard day on the drawing board! Thanks very much for that and the first rate service I have received on the few occasions when I have bought some thing from Filmcraft.

I think the idea of an animation newsletter is very interesting indeed. There is precious little exchange of ideas between isolated amateurs like myself. If the idea received support then maybe problems with animation could be solved easily by other more experienced amateurs. I, for one, am starving for information that no one can answer unless they are daft enough to be attempting animation with amateur Super 6 equipment like myself.

In the year that I have been involved with animation I have not produced anything that could be described as a “film”. I have spent all of my time just producing little test filmstrips to experiment with colour and fluidity of movement. I sit over a lightbox scribbling on animation paper quite a bit and against my better judgment I am trying to get a professional rostrum built. I have seen an engineering designer and ho is costing it all at the moment. The stand if built, would be very similar to one of the Neilson—Hordell models, with a few extras. It would work out quite expensive, but cheap in comparison with the cost of the commercial stand.

Russ Billington.


I was very interested in your idea of starting a newsletter, and to read other animators views and ideas, being a comparative novice at this art, I can do with all the help I can get. I started animation with a few simple titles, and gradually went on to longer films, some of which were a complete disaster, until I got the hang of timing. Now I am in the middle of my biggest effort, a film containing 250 eels. Although it can drive you crazy at times I thoroughly enjoy doing it.

N. Piper. Hanwoll, London.


Due to being unemployed I am only able to buy my animation equipment and materials piece by piece. I hope that by next winter, when the bad weather keeps us indoors, it will be my opportunity to start an animation film.

Regarding the animation newsletter I would be interested in reading such a magazine, especially if it gave information on building your own animation camera with addresses of where to buy the parts.

Roy Whituhoad.

EDITOR: If any reader has built their own animation camera we would be pleased to hear from them.

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