Editor’s Comment

With this issue you will find a poster for the Animator’s Association (ANIMA). If you belong, to a cine club we would be grateful if you would take it along to put on the club notice board. We would also like to encourage juniors so if you know of a school or college with a film unit or teachers and pupils interested in making films then perhaps you could let them have a poster. Or bring it to the attention of any other film makers you know.

We have been in contact with the New Zealand Animator’s club and their Director/Secretary/Treasurer/Magazine Editor is a very friendly guy called Tony Cox. You will find some articles and letters from New Zealand printed in this issue. From what they say it sounds as if they have a real good time at their annual get together held on the Queen’s Birthday weekend. Let’s hope that the first ANIMA festival will be as good when it is held in the autumn.

We have a lot in common with the New Zealand Animators so I have arranged with Tony to start a pen pals scheme. Details of this are being circulated to ANIMA members.

Now that we have reached issue number four we have covered the four seasons. I could not have got this far without the excellent support I am getting from all the people who have contributed articles. It is nice to have many different voices and viewpoints. That’s what makes for lively and interesting reading. If you have a tale to tell or a question to put then I will be very pleased to receive it.

Issue number five will be out in June. It will include some hilarious animation reminiscences from David Coleman, more animation history from Ken Clark, Morris Lakin tries his hand at painting cels and I will be drawing some more cartoons.

Originally printed in Animator’s newsletter Issue 4 (Spring 1983)