Issue 6 – Index of selected articles

Issue 6 – Autumn 1983

The ANIMA Report
From Animator’s Association Chairman David Jefferson.

Beginner’s View – filming the cels

Annecy Animation Festival – the historical background
Chris Krupa begins a two part article with the background to this French animation festival.

The Shadows Move – the 1940s
Ken Clark continues the story of British Animation.

Labour Saving Animation with Lip-sync
Cartoon animation with lip-sync sound.

The Films of Sheila Graber 1977 to 1982
Part 2.

Group Animation – Our First Attempt
Geoff Arme tells us about making the award winning film shown on the BBC 2 Film Competition.

Drawing Cartoons – how to show expressions
Drawings that show the five main emotions reduced to a simple form.

Cambridge Animation Festival 1983
Britain’s major forum of animation investigates propaganda, salutes America and showcases British films.

Bugs Bunny Signs Up
Propaganda films that included cartoon stars.

Contemporary British Animation 1983
Surveying the British Contemporary films on offer at Cambridge.