Cambridge Animation Festival 1983


CURRENT EVENTS. Stan Phillips & Associates. Produced for Southern Calif. Edison Co.

Following Britain Salutes New York, the Festival offers America Salutes Cambridge: six programmes of contemporary films made by independent American animators, most of which have never been seen in Britain. These films cover a wide range of styles from the experimental films of David Ehrlich and Robert Breer to the children’s fables of Eduardo Darina and the humour of Gene Deitch, Jeff Hale or Will Vinton. THE GREAT COGNITO, the hit of the Annecy audience, will be among around ninety films in this section. They come from every part of the States: there are lyrical memories of South. Carolina in CHARLESTON HOME MOVIE, a computer view of Chicago in PANASONIC GLIDER, a bird’s eye view of New York City in the whimsical children’s tale NEW FRIENDS and a hymn to the glories of Alaska in the hilarious, high-kicking animal line-up of Bob Kurtz’s commercial WILD ABOUT ANCHORAGE.

AUDITION. Candy Kugel. America Salutes Cambridge programme.


With all this international line¬-up of films, Britain is not forgotten. As the only major forum of animation in Great Britain, the Festival does its best to present a wide round-up of contemporary work from the regions as well as the London studios.. There will be the usual new crop of commercials and successes such as the Oscar-nominated THE SNOWMAN. And there will be the first showing of other independent works such as FIRST SIGHT by Richard Wolff, plus two programmes of student films which will include NIGHT CLUB made by Jonathan Hodgson at the Royal College of Art which won at Annecy.


The Cambridge Animation Festival does not only show short films but every night there will be a full length feature either an old favourite or a British premiere. Among the films to be seen will be THE WATER BABIES, introduced by Miroslaw Kijowicz and the British premiere of the Hungarian feature SON OF THE WHITE MARE which will be introduced by its director Marcell Jankovics. The Festival also hopes to screen the European premieres of two new American films, TWICE UPON A TIME by John Korty and ROCK AND RULE.

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