Cambridge Animation Festival 1983


This year for the first time there will be a children’s workshop immediately preceding the Festival and the film made at this week-long work¬shop will be screened during the Festival. The workshop will be for fifty local Cambridge children and the directors running this exciting event will include Norwegian director, Inni Karine Melbye, Gro Strom, Kevan Wooldridge, head of animation at the Royal College of Art in Britain and Jessica Langford who runs many excellent workshops in Scotland.

The Festival discussion will be about the use of animation to persuade and the panel will include political commentators as well as animators.

The Festival will also have a major exhibition of the American experimental animator Robert Breer and there will be a show of animation and film books and a small exhibition of British artwork for sale.


The popularity of animation for children is never forgotten at Cambridge where there will be two special screenings on Saturday and Sunday mornings. The films will be from Scandinavia and America.


In between the hectic schedule of screenings, delegates will be able to relax and meet in our new Festival Office and Club Room in the Roof Garden of the Arts Theatre. Here you can eat and drink and enjoy nightly live music.

The Cambridge Animation Festival continues to operate on a very low budget but warmly welcomes this year the sponsorship of Channel 4 television and the network will also be presenting a special series of programmes of films from the Festival throughout the week. Cambridge is also now officially recognised by ASIFA.

Rod rescues Flora Fauna, a damsel in distress. TWICE UPON A TIME. Presented by Korty Films and Lucasfilm Ltd.

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Originally printed in Animator’s newsletter Issue 6 (Autumn 1983)