Issue 7 – Index of selected articles

Issue 7 – Winter 1983

Australian animation in the 1970s
Bob Hanlon looks at the Australian animation scene.

Introducing a new Visual Language
John Halas talks about the future of computer animation.

What is ASIFA
All about this association for professional animators.

Edinburgh Film Festival 1983
Neil Carstairs reports on the animation section.

The Shadows Move – G.B. Animation
The story of G.B. Animation told by Ken Clark.

How to build a Zoetrope
Ever thought of building a Zoetrope? David J.M. Coleman tells you how.

Animating Christmas Card Cut-outs
Doreen Wood makes good use of those cards.

The first ANIMA Festival
An amateur Animation Festival held in London.

Skywhales from Animation City
Background information on this exciting film made for Channel 4.

The Annecy Animation Festival 1983
In part 2 Chris Krupa talks about the prize winners.

The Cambridge Animation Festival 1983
The British section of the 1983 Festival as seen by David Jefferson.