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The aims of ASIFA are summarised in its Manifesto, approved by the Board in

Present Position

Due to the wide ranging developments in recent years in techniques and creativity, the animated film has matured into an important medium in its own right as the newest art form in our society. As such it should rate alongside live-action film, literature, music, ballet and the plastic arts. Unfortunately the animated film is still waiting for better recognition of its contribution by most government organisations and agencies in many countries, by the film and television industries, and by the national press, which still looks upon animation as an adolescent medium. This situation can and should be remedied.

Wider Uses

We must prove that apart from being an art form of its own, and a useful tool in entertainment and advertising, animation could also contribute to the understanding of basic human and social problems. It has the ability to contribute values in education and it could assist in the upbringing of children and young people, and could be effective in adult education. It could expand and reveal economic problems and show ways in which they could be solved. It could provide clarity in scientific and technical information, and clear comprehension of the working of our society. In fact, given a chance, animation could contribute towards serving humanity on a far broader level than it has done in the past.

Action to be taken

Animated film makers, animators, directors, producers, script-writers, administrators, managers and critics, should use their best endeavours for a vigorous promotion of these potentials in their own countries. Such promotion must be, however, on a highly practical level and basically different from one country to another according to their position and standards, but in any case it should include arrangements for:

a) Better utilisation of the medium
b) Wider distribution in cinemas and on television
c) Better use of animation in clubs, schools and universities
d) Wider use in information and science
e) Substantial improvement in the appreciation of the medium in general use.

To achieve these aims we also require

a) Better representation in relationship with governments and ministries
b) Greater financial support
c) Better representation in the film and TV industries
d) Better liaison with the other arts


The Association is composed of active members and correspondent members.
Amateurs may be accepted as permanent correspondent members with the same rights and advantages as active members except the right to vote in the General Assembly and the right to be elected to the Board of Directors.

A candidate for active membership in the Association must furnish proof of professional activity in connection with animation. In the case of producers, directors, and technicians, a credit on an animated film which has had a public screening will rate as a prime qualification. In the case of film critics, historians and researchers, the Board of Directors will consider their published work. Each candidate for active membership in the Association must be sponsored by two active members.

National organisations or groups whose members meet the above requirements can be corporate non-voting members of the Association.

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Printed in Animator’s newsletter Issue 7 (Winter 1983)

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