Issue 9 – Index of selected articles

Issue 9 – Summer 1984

TVC Animation Studio from the Beatles to the Snowman
TV Cartoons Limited are better known by their initials TVC. Formed in the summer of 1957 by George Dunning and John Coates.

The Shadows Move – Part Six – the rise of TV animation
The feverish activity that went into the making of Britain’s first entertainment cartoon feature ANIMAL FARM ended, leaving in its wake the pertinent question: What now?

Walk-Run Cycles for Cartoon Animation
Sheila Graber, well known professional animator, gives us some tips on getting our characters moving.

Feature Films at the Cambridge animation Festival 1983
A strong bunch of films were chosen for the feature section of the Cambridge Festival.

Computer Games in 1984
A comment by Ken Clark.

The Vulture – Plasticine Animation Takes Off
David Coleman tells us about Animated Black Theatre and Camera movements.

Animated Sketch Book – getting good movement
Ian Whitworth, Cosgrove Hall animator, tells how to getting good movement in animated drawings.

The Donald Duck Story
Chris Pearson looks at Donald’s long and eventful career.

Cartoon Storyboards – where do ideas come from?
Getting ideas for cartoons is the biggest problem with most amateur animators.

Using Storyboards for Cartoon Animation
David Jefferson tells of the advantages of using storyboards and looks at two professional storyboards done for TV adverts.