Using Storyboards for Cartoon Animation

It shows the animator what the scriptwriter and the director have in mind. Again it is much better to get the interpretation of a scene sorted out at the start rather than trust to luck that the animator sees it along the same lines as the director.

What if you are the scriptwriter, animator and sponsor combined? Well, it still helps to do a storyboard to get the ideas sorted out in your own mind. It is also a good idea to show your storyboard to a third party to get their reaction. The discussion that follows might spark off some ideas for ways of polishing up what you have got.

Study the way the three storyboards are put together. The adverts are for 30 second TV spots so they must get their message over quickly. The advert must also grab the viewer’s attention otherwise they might pop out to put the kettle on or attend to some other bodily function. There are lots of short scenes with eye-catching visuals. The advert must also withstand viewing many times and if possible be something the viewer actually enjoys seeing again. Short scenes help with this too as the viewer won’t take it all in first time and find something of interest on repeated viewing. A catchy jingle helps here as well. If you can leave the viewer singing the jingle then that is a bonus.

The 7UP advert starts with a close shot of the product. A circle which is part of the logo jumps off and grows legs. This is unusual enough to grab our attention and watch to see what is going to happen next. A number of symbolic pictures set the scene. The road is a piano keyboard showing that this is a jolly place to be. But there are cactus plants so it must be hot and dry, just the kind of place that needs a cool drink. The buildings in the city are sagging like humans in need of refreshment. When they get their drink they swell out with enjoyment so we know the drink must be good.

The same theme is used to see BABYCHAM. In the opening frame we see a party with nothing much happening but the viewpoint quickly tracks out to reveal the Babycham character at the window. When the Babycham enters even the coats start dancing and music fills the air. We realize that this Babycham must be good stuff.

So points to think about when you are planning your storyboard are visual interest, make all the drawings contribute to the furtherance of the story and pick a subject that uses animation to the full.

Babycham Party storyboard by Speedy Cartoons.

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