Issue 10 – Index of selected articles

Issue 10 – Autumn 1984

The Art Babbitt Classical Animation Course
Art Babbitt’s course outline contains lots of helpful advice to the budding animator and much food for thought. The notes could also be used as a guide for self study.

Art Babbitt by Richard Williams
One of the great artist-animators from the golden years of the Disney Studios, Art Babbitt, was at the Richard Williams Studio in London running an animation course.

Siriol and SuperTed
In just three years Siriol Animation has grew into one of Britain’s largest animation studios. Frank Baker looks at their background.

The Shadows Move – the 1970s
Ken Clark concludes his history of British animation.

How to be a Racing Driver
David Coleman gives a talk on animation at a primary school.

Channel 4 Logo
The Channel 4 logo was a familiar sight to channel 4 viewers. John Halas tells the fascinating story of how it came into being.

Richard Taylor’s Swimsong
A film to encourage people to learn to swim.

Animation Workshops with Young People
Jessica Langford ran animation workshops in Edinburgh and much of her work involved contact with the local schools.

Lip Synch Cut-outs
Fred Wells tells us of his simple method of adding mouth movements to cut-out animation.

Christmas for Sale
Film student lain McCall tells us of a film he made on the animation course at Liverpool Polytechnic.

Animated Sketch Book – Animals moving
By Ian Witworth of Cosgrove-Hall Animation.