Scratch and Tiger Trax Animation – Page 2

Scratch - the run.

An avid collector of animation memorabilia, Paul has off-cuts from Bob Godfrey’s editing bin, paper animations from “Rhubarb”, cels from various well known productions and a collection of posters issued by animation studios plastered over the walls of his work room. Working from home can be a problem if tradesmen call and he has cels spread over the lounge floor. They invariably start to quiz him about his work as everyone seems to find film making fascinating.

Writing on the wall

Paul gets fan mail from children viewers and drawings of his characters which he finds touching. The background of the Scratch films is a brick wall. Paul puts messages such as “Hallo David” on the wall background. These are for people he knows. He has plans for a 20 minute version of Scratch. Some of the drawings I saw looked intriguing, with much symbolism and pathos being introduced. Paul is a devote of the ‘Buster Keaton style of story telling. Line tests of Paul’s films are shot on 8mm because it is cheaper.

Tiger Trax has been referred to as a dinosaur of animation because Paul’s small set up does everything up to the camera stage. Paul is proud of his independence and is determined to continue with his own animation company.

Pen and ink tracing of a scene from Scratch.


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