Issue 12 – Index of selected articles

Issue 12 – Spring 1985

Highlights of British animation 1985
The Year of Animation was officially launched on 24th January 1985 at the National Film Theatre in London with a special showing of Highlights of British Animation 1899 – 1974. David Jefferson reports on the proceedings.

Disney Animator Ollie Johnston
Ollie Johnston is one of the legendary Nine Old Men of the Disney studios. He has worked on all the Disney feature films from Snow White to Fox and the Hound. Father Robert Murphy conducted this interview with him in 1981 at the Disney studios.

Harold Whitaker : A professional animator
John Halas writes about the work of Harold Whitaker and records some of his experiences in working with him.

Ken Clark chats with Dick and Elizabeth Horn
Richard and Elizabeth Horn have been in the animation business since the fifties and have seen a lot of changes in that time. Ken Clark chats to them about animation then and now.

The making of Izzi Knott Cocky
John Guthrie started work painting cinema foyer displays and now designs labels for Scotch whisky bottles. Both jobs have set him in good stead when it comes to his hobby of cartoon animation.

Too much walking
Morris Lakin reports on the progress of his first cartoon film and he makes an interesting discovery about walk cycles.

Growing up with Hanna-Barbera
Dave Dursley’s opinion of TV’s biggest supplier of cartoon entertainment.

Trace and paint with Maggy Clark
Maggy Clark explains what paint and trace is all about.