Issue 13 – Index of selected articles

Issue 13 – Summer 1985

Alan Kitching and ANTICS computer animation
In spite of the incredible range of animation effects that can be produced by ANTICS it is described as a Stone Age Machine by it’s inventor Alan Kitching. Ken Clark talks to the man behind the machine and finds out why.

From Mr Man to Bananaman – Flicks Films
Flicks Films Ltd and 101 Productions Ltd are London based animation companies that are owned and run under the same umbrella. Flicks Films produce commercials and 101 Productions make TV series. David Jefferson went along to meet the man behind them, Terry Ward.

Bye! Bye! Biographic Studios
On 22nd March 1985 Biographic Studios closed their doors for the last time. Ken Clark went along to pay his last respects and talk over old times.

Clarence Nash – The Voice of Donald Duck
Clarence Nash, the voice of Donald Duck for over 50 years, died on 20th February 1985 at the age of eighty. We print this interview between Father Robert Murphy and Clarence Nash as a tribute to one of cartoon-lands best known voices.

Bread and Butter Art – history of animated commercials
The profits from animated commercials often support a studio while it works on other productions. Frank Baker looks at the history of the animated commercial.

How animation paint is made
Graham Beeching of Filmpaint explains the art and craft of making animation paint. The article is based on a taped interview conducted by David Jefferson.

Prepare to enter the realm of the imagination
The story of a mortal’s dream struggle with the gods was Paul Hanson’s choice for his first amateur animated film. Three years, 1800 cels and 50 background paintings later he had a 14 minute film with lip sync and a multitude of special effects. Paul tells us how he did it.

Experiment with animating abstract shapes
A cel with 10,000 separately coloured segments in an area 9 ins by 7 ins, is just one of many in Red and Blue and Green. George Collin tells us about his special approach to animation.