Issue 16 – Index of selected articles

Issue number 16 – Summer 1986.

Ken Clark chats with John Coates
John Coates talks about the TVC animation studio and how it survived after the loss of its founder George Dunning.

Will the REAL Walt Disney…
Brian Sibley has been reading two biographies of Walt Disney; Leonard Mosley ‘s Real Walt Disney and Richard Schickel’s The Disney Version.

Walt Disney’s Pinocchio – Animation Masterwork
Brian Sibley gives a retrospective view of Pinocchio as the film goes on release once more.

Tony White’s Workbook
David Jefferson went to the Animus animation studio in London to meet Tony White, author of a book on animation techniques called The Animator’s Workbook

Micro-computer rostrum control
Thoughts on micro-computer rostrum control and still being able to afford to eat by Mike Joyce.

D.I .Y. Rostrum – Part Three
The Filmcraft 80 Rostrum is suitable for 8mm cameras and light 16mm cameras. In the final part David Jefferson describes the construction of a glass platen.

The hard cel
A personal view of collecting original animation artwork from Stewart Selkirk.

The making of Life Cycle
If you have an idea for a film but never have the time to make it, Neil Carstairs can recommend a two year posting to a remote part of Scotland to get you started.