Issue 17 – Index of selected articles

Issue number 17 – Autumn 1986.

Brian Cosgrove co-founder of Cosgrove Hall
In ten years Cosgrove Hall Productions grew from a small studio to a major animation centre, writes David Jefferson.

The design team at Cosgrove Hall
The Design Team prepare layouts and experiment with light, shade and colour. Ken Clark investigates.

Chris Randall
Chris Randall, Senior Producer/Director on future drawn production series chats with Ken Clark.

Dan Whitworth
Dan Whitworth worked on development for the Count Duckula series at Cosgrove Hall. He chats with Ken Clark.

Painting the cels at Cosgrove Hall
Lorraine Thomas, Supervisor of Paint and Trace and Roy Huckerby, Airbrushing artist talk with Ken Clark.

Rostrum camera and post-production
There are four rostrum cameras in use at Cosgrove Hall, writes David Jefferson.

Mark Hall
Mark Hall is a co-founder of Cosgrove Hall Productions. Interview by Ken Clark.

The puppet workshop at Cosgrove Hall
They can produce anything from a miniature suit of armour to a two foot high model giant, writes David Jefferson.

Nigel Cornford puppet costume maker at Cosgrove Hall
Interview by Ken Clark in the puppet workshop.

Christine Walker model shop supervisor at Cosgrove Hall
Interview by Ken Clark.

Jackie Cockle
The Director of Wind in the Willows at Cosgrove Hall chats with Ken Clark.

Francis Vose, director
Francis Vose is a puppet animation director at Cosgrove Hall. David Jefferson spoke to him on the set of Creepy Crawlies.

John Hambley Chief Executive Cosgrove Hall
Interview by Ken Clark.

Great Mouse – Great Movie
Brian Sibley reviews Disney’s animated feature, Basil – The Great Mouse Detective.