Issue 18 – Index of selected articles

David Hall’s Wonderland – book review
Robin Allan has been reading a newly published edition of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It contains previously unpublished illustrations from the Disney archives by David Hall.

Visit to Rushes Postproduction Ltd in London
Rushes specialise in video editing and computer animation. David Jefferson met Chairman, Godfrey Pye at their London premises.

Visit to Camera Effects Ltd in London
Camera Effects Limited is an optical house dealing in special effects. David Jefferson went along to their Soho, London studio and met Director Gary Pearlman.

Sean Lenihan on Editing Animated Films
Sean Lenihan tells David Jefferson what is involved in preparing a sound- track and combining it with pictures to give a polished result.

The Masters of Animation collection
John Halas talks about a series of programmes which form a world-wide survey of animation. Interview by David Jefferson.

Whatever happened to Signal Film Unit?
Ken Clark has been finding out about a puppet animation unit that followed in the footsteps of George Pal.

The Video-of-the-Film-of-the-Book
Brian Sibley reviews animated film versions of three modern classics as they are released on video.

David Hand (1900— 1986)
Reminiscence by April Spencer.