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David Hall illustration for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Click pic for larger version.

The animator will note in particular Hall’s ability to capture movement in the still drawing. Apart from the rabbit hole, there are many other examples – Alice’s changes of size, Bill going up like a sky-rocket, the cook’s tantrums and Alice’s escape with the baby. Surreal colour, animation of inanimate objects in the Queen’s garden, all combine to make a feast for the eye and the mind.

Little of Hall’s inspiration appears in the final Disney film of 1951, in itself a remarkable and underestimated work, but the quality and originality of Hall’s work – whether you think it fits Carroll or not – can now be seen standing alongside the text. It throws light on the original and is a reminder of the kind of artistic talent that Disney attracted.
Mr Sibley’s Afterword is a model of succinctness. As a former secretary of the Lewis Carroll Society and for many years sympathetic to the best of Disney, he has packed a mine of information about Carroll, Hall and Disney into 18 pages, a fitting tribute to literary and artistic genius.

David Hall illustration for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, illustrated by David Hall, is published by Methuen at £9.95.

All illustrations © 1986 The Walt Disney Company.

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Printed in Animator Issue 18 (Spring 1987)