Issue 19 – Index of selected articles

My Favourite Shorts
Dr. Scratch (Paul Thomas of Tiger Trax Animation) gives us his top-ten short film choice.

Blowing in the wind
Brian Sibley has been to see the new British feature length cartoon When The Wind Blows.

The making of When the Wind Blows
David Jefferson and Geoffrey Mackrill have been behind the scenes of TVC’s feature production When The Wind Blows, to reveal the process that enabled model background sets to be combined with drawn animation.

Tribute to Norman McLaren
Internationally renowned animator Norman McLaren firmly believed in the efficacy of a limited budget to stimulate the imagination, writes Ken Clark.

Memories of Norman McLaren
Canadian High Commission in London pays tribute to Norman McLaren, one of the world’s great animators. Report by Brian Sibley.

A Guiding Hand
April Spencer looks at the career of David Hand, an American who influenced a generation of British animators.

GBA – A Great British Achievement
Ken Clark takes a detailed look at the animation studio where many top British animators got their start.

Make Mine Disney or the forgotten years of Disney
Robin Allan gives his reassessment of the rarely shown Disney feature length cartoon Make Mine Music.