Issue 22 – Index of selected articles

The Bristol Animation Festival 1987
The Animation Festival was held in Bristol for the first time. David Jefferson reports.

The Great Animation Debate
A debate about merchandising held at the Bristol Animation Festival. Report by David Jefferson.

Owning part of your dream
Father Robert Murphy tells of his interest in collecting animation art.

Stowaways on the Ark
The production of a feature length cartoon in Germany. Animator Harald Kraut talks about it.

The Best of British Animation programme
Part of the London Film Festival held in London. David Jefferson reports.

Klacto – Oscar Grillo and Ted Rockley
Ken Clark visits Klactoveesedstene Animations and chats with Oscar Grillo and Ted Rockley.

Breakfast with a Blob
Paul Couvella outlines the background to the production of two amateur films.

Animating in Turkey
You really have to love your job to take all this punishment, writes Tahsin Ozaur.

Perspective for animators
In drawn animation one of the most difficult things to create is a sense of depth, writes George Collin.

Animated Pictures at an Exhibition
Pat Raine Webb takes a humorous look at an exhibition from the exhibitor’s angle.