Issue 23 – Index of selected articles

The Animator’s Bookshelf
Our reviewers look at some of the recently published books by film historians.

Mickey Mouse – The Mouse’s Tale
Mickey Mouse celebrates his sixtieth birthday on 18th November. He grants a rare interview to Brian Sibley.

The International Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart ‘88
David Jefferson went along as an official guest and reports on what he found.

Bob Godfrey workshop lecture
This article is based on a workshop lecture given by Bob Godfrey at the Stuttgart Animation Festival.

A great entrepreneur
Graham Clutterbuck, founder and managing director of FilmFair, was responsible for many popular animation series.

Jiri Barta and The Pied Piper
Czechoslovakian filmmaker Jiri Barta is finding wide recognition outside his own country.

Perspective for Animators
In part two George Collin looks at movement in perspective.

Cartoons, Computers and Antics
There are many mis-conceptions about what computer animation can and cannot do. Alan Kitching attempts to clarify things.