Issue 25 – Index of selected articles

Paul Driessen Workshop
When animators are engaged on commercial work or series work, they often have to produce a set amount of footage each day to keep within the budget. It doesn’t matter so much what the quality is like as long as the footage is completed. That kind of animation is not the most interesting to work on because animation has so much more to offer. It can be creative and moving, as most experienced animators know. Read more…

Tribute to Eric Larson
One of the Nine Old Men of Disney Animation, Eric Larson, died on 25th October 1988 at the age of 83. He joined the Studio in 1933 and worked there all his life until ill-health forced him to retire soon after I had the pleasure of meeting him in the summer of 1985. Read more…

Annecy Animation Festival 1989
For one week at the end of May the beautiful lakeside resort of Annecy in the Haute-Savoie region of France was taken over by a hoard of animators, animation enthusiasts and salesmen for the biennial animation festival. Read more…

Over my shoulder
Publicity for the medium is welcomed whenever it promotes new work or adds to general public awareness, but I have never subscribed to the idea that tricks of the trade should be continually on show – a good magician never reveals his secrets. However, that is not to say the occasional tantalising expose cannot achieve a degree of effectiveness. It is simply a question of degree. Read more…

Animation and Art by John Halas
The world of animation has been severely handicapped because it has never been classified according to its nature, its character and its type as so many other art movements have. This lack of classification has, unfortunately, contributed to the fact that the general public still thinks all animation is of the comic type which, as the medium expands, is only one category among many. Read more…

Ray Fields workshop lecture
I would like to concentrate on education – visual education, education and movement. I intend to examine a number of apparent opposites. My theme is the sketch book versus the storyboard. I use the sketch book and the storyboard as symbols. I ask the question, “Can the passion for experiment earn money?” This is not a new phenomenon. Read more…

Nik Lever of Catalyst Pictures
Catalyst Pictures Ltd was formed in June 1985 by Nik Lever, Caroline Titley and Paul Miller to produce TV commercials and corporate films, particularly animation. All three directors previously worked for Orchid Productions Ltd in Manchester – the largest independent animation/live action house outside London. They left in order to concentrate solely on animation. Read more…

Book reviews
The Disney Studio Story by Richard Holliss and Brian Sibley – Animation: A guide to animated film techniques by Roger Noke – Experimental Animation: Origins of a New Art – Cartoons Il Cinema d’Animazione 1888-1988 by Giannalberto Bendazzi. Read reviews

The USA scene – Report from John Cawley
Filmation has closed its doors for possibly the last time. The studio, known for such series as the first tv Superman cartoons, Fat Albert and He-Man, gave employees one hour to gather their personal belongings and leave in early February. Reasons for the sudden action is said to be related to the recent scale of Filmation to L’Oreal from Group W. Filmation. Read more…

Animation Quiz
1. Which character said, “I just thought I’d mention in passing, I’ve always wanted a sparkly of my very own.”?
2. Good, Truth and Beauty are characters from which Richard Williams film?
3. Who was the producer for MGM’s Tom and Jerry cartoons between 1940 and 1955?
Read more…

The Ballad of Dr Scratch by Paul Thomas
Somewhere in the womb…
Suddenly, somewhere, somehow,
In the land of D.N.A.
Within the egg, x and y,
The chromosomes did play.
A gene of animation,
Began its multiplication.
Read more…

News reports: Bristol Festival ’89 – ASIFA UK Board election

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News reports: Bluth commercials – Huxley Pig

News reports: Charlie Chalk – M.E.D.I.A. 92