Sheila Graber on her conversion to computer animation – Page 2


Macromind Director 3. Cast: All Cast Members, or individual parts of the Movie, are stored here. Check off numbers beneath each member with those on the “Score” and you will soon get the picture.
Macromind Director 3. Score: All images on “flick corner” are included here. There are up to 24 “Cel Levels”, for this section of the Turner Movie I used 12 of them.
Swivel 3D. Cat head created in Swivel 3D can be rotated and moved in all directions, but shapes are far from purrrr-fect.
Powerhouse Character created for Tyne Tees Series Powerhouse - hoping to combine the idea of Energy, from Steam to Nuclear, with Humanity.
Sunderland Story Family - showing some of the “period costumes”.

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