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Tea bag card 1

Christmas tree

Tea bag card 2

Pansy corners
Teabag card
Tea bag card 3

Birthday Window
Japanese Kimono Origami
Tea bag card 4

Japanese Kimono Origami
Leaf and Teabag Christmas Card
Teabag card 5

Leaf and Teabag Christmas Card
Music Blues CD Card
Teabag card 6

Music Blues CD Card
Butterfly Card
Teabag card 7

Butterfly Card

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Card Illustrations
An explanation of our copyright notice on these cards:
These cards must not be displayed on another web site.
You may use these designs to make cards for your personal pleasure and to give away to your friends.
Where the cards contain images created with products produced by third parties, such as rubber stamps, stencils, etc., you may not sell the cards commercially without first getting permission from the actual manufacturers of the stamps, stencils, etc.


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