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An introduction to decoupage

Create 3-dimensional pictures by using four or five layers of the same picture.

ScissorsCut the shapes out with fine scissors.

Gently shape each layer before fixing in position. Placing the piece on a soft pad, face down, and moulding it with a rounded implement can do this.

Silicone adhesiveEach layer is separated from the lower one with blobs of silicone glue.

Top view showing blobs of glue separating the layers.

An alternative method is to use small pieces of double-sided sticky foam pad.

Rose card

White double fold greeting card, 104mm x 152mm, with circular aperture.
The rose is from decoupage sheet "Flowers 2" code DP-09.

Rose step 1

Print 1.
Cut the base print to fit the aperture card, rectangular, circular or oval as desired.

Rose step 2

Print 2.
Cut away all background pieces and, having shaped the image, fix onto base print with silicone glue.

Rose step 3

Print 3.
Separate leaves from flowers and other leaves and place individually to give the effect of one behind the other.

Rose step 4

Print 4.
Separate the flowers and leaves. Fix them individually to create fullness of flowers.

A fifth print can be used to add turn-backs to the petals.

Decoupage work sheet by Pat and Reg and reproduced with kind permission.
Decoupage images used by kind permission of the copyright owners.


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