Christmas at Hanbury Hall in Worcestershire, 2023

We visit the 18th-century stately home at Hanbury. The house is decorated for a 1970s / 1980s Christmas, and it is like a trip down memory lane. Toys and games from that era were donated by the staff and volunteers at Hanbury Hall, with old favourites such as Monopoly and Mousetrap. The grand dinning table is laid up with 80s party treats, including cheese squares on sticks and jam tarts. Drinks include Babycham and Advocaat. Upstairs, more toys and games are displayed, plus 70s and 80s Radio and TV Times Christmas covers and newspaper covers of memorable events.

Watch the video:

The video of our visit to Christmas at Hanbury Hall in Worcestershire.

Recorded on 13 December 2023 with a DJI Pocket 3 camera.

Below are some stills from the video.

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