Equipment List

Currently, I use a DJI Pocket 3 camera for my general videos and a GoPro MAX 360 camera for my skiing videos. My editing software of choice is Cyberlink PowerDirector.

Walking Around Videos

I am currently using a DJI Pocket 3 camera for my walking around type videos.

Equipment 2024 06 21 01
DJI Pocket 3 camera with the accessories I use.

My DJI Pocket 3 camera and accessories, top row left to right: DJI Pocket 3 camera, tripod mount above a battery handle, Sunnylife integrated camera gimbal and screen protector cover, Sunnylife camera expansion adapter with an aluminium tripod mount adapter from GoPro to 1/4 inch screw, Manfrotto 209 table-top tripod with a 3/8″ to 1/4″ tripod screw adapter.

Bottom row left to right: Insta360 114cm invisible selfie stick, wrist strap, DJI radio microphone mounted on a wrist strap, (the mic can also start the camera recording remotely), and a small Ubayee shoulder bag to hold these items (dimensions: 21 × 13 × 5 cm). The shoulder bag also has room for a mobile phone and a few other items.

Note: The DJI Pocket 3 camera, tripod mount, battery handle and radio microphone come from DJI. The case, selfie stick/tripod and straps come from other suppliers.

Equipment 2024 06 21 02
The DJI Pocket 3 hand held.

When the camera is hand held, the selfie stick with the table-top tripod help with the stability by providing extra weight. I wear the separate microphone on my wrist because I have found that clipping it on a bag strap or clothing can introduce rustling noises when walking.

Equipment 2024 06 21 05
The DJI Pocket 3 on a fully closed selfie stick/tripod.

When doing close shots such as flower blooms, I find it difficult to hold the camera completely still, so I use a selfie stick and mini tripod.

Equipment 2024 06 21 04
The DJI Pocket 3 on a fully open selfie stick/tripod.

When the selfie stick is fully open on the table-top tripod, it can be a little unstable if it is not on a completely horizontal surface or if it is windy. In that case, it can be held more securely by placing a foot on one of the mini tripod legs. I also keep the wrist strap in place just in case the tripod should overbalance. I start the camera recording by using the remote release on the separate microphone to avoid any wobble that may be caused by pressing the record button on the camera.

Equipment 2024 06 21 03
The DJI Pocket 3 with the intigrated gimbal and screen cover in place.

Ski videos

I currently use a GoPro MAX 360 camera for my skiing videos.

GoPro MAX 360 helmet mounted
GoPro MAX 360 helmet mounted.

I have found the GoPro MAX 350 is good for reducing the side-to-side movement one does whilst skiing. The helmet mount is attached by a self-adhesive foam pad supplied with the camera.

GoPro MAX 360 assessories
GoPro MAX 360 accessories.

The GoPro MAX 360 accessories left to right: hex wrench, helmet mount, remote control with charging cable, spare batteries with charger, soft camera bag with thumb screw wrench attached, Ulanzi hard case.


Cyberlink PowerDirector editing software.

When filming is done, I use Cyberlink Power Director Ultra software to join the clips together for presentation. I have version 20 which does everything I want. They seem to bring out new versions at regular intervals, so are on to higher numbers now. There are a lot of good Power Director tutorials on the Internet, so it is easy to learn how to use it. For basic editing, it is a matter of importing the clips I want to use and then dragging them onto the timeline in the order I want. I often add music downloaded from the YouTube audio library. I can then create my video with a selection of pre-set resolutions and formats. Furthermore, I use the expert mode, where I can create almost any editing effect I have seen other editing software do.