Obertauern, Austria – skiing the Grüne Tauernrunde

The Grüne Tauernrunde (green Tauern round) makes a complete circuit of the Austrian ski resort of Obertauern. It takes the skier in an anticlockwise direction visiting 5 of the 7 highest points in the area, ultimately returning to the starting point. The skiing distance is approximately 14 kilometers plus 7 lift rides.

Grüne Tauernrunde, Obertauern, Austria
Screenshots from my Ski Tracks app showing the route.

Ski lifts and runs:

  1. Zehnerkarbahn – blue 1a, blue 14a, blue18d,blue 18a, blue 13a.
  2. Schaidbergbahn – blue 3b, blue 3a, blue 18c, blue 18a.
  3. Plattenkarbahn – red 3a, blue 12a,
  4. Hundskogelbahn – red 4a, red 11a, red 5c, red 5a.
  5. Seekarspitzbahn – red 10a, blue 10a, blue 8a.
  6. Monte Flu-bahn – blue 7a, blue 24a.
  7. Kehrkopfbahn – blue 6a, blue 8a.
Tauernrunde map
Map of the Grüne Tauernrunde (green Tauern round) route.

The video was shot in 360 with a GoPro Max on a chest harness and converted to 2D using CyberLink PowerDirector 15. There are some slight jumps where stops were edited out, other than that the video represents the actual skiing time.

Filmed in Obertauern, Austria on Monday 6 January 2020.

Here are some stills from the video. Click on an image to view a larger version.