Variation on partridge pot

PinBroidery customer Ivy Crowhurst has sent us a picture of a card she made using the Partridge in a pear tree pattern from the Christmas Days 1 t0 6 set. Ivy has modified the way the pot is stitched. The holes are the same but the stitching sequence is changed.

Layer 1.
Section 1.
Out at A in at B.
Out at C in at D.
Out at E in at F.
Continue this sequence until section 1 is complete.
Stitch section 2 in a similar way.
Layer 2.
Out at 1 in at 2.
Out at 3 in at 4.
Out at 5 in at 6.
Continue this sequence until layer 2 is complete.
Add stitches for the top and base of the pot using the picture as a guide.

4 thoughts on “Variation on partridge pot”

  1. is there a tool that can be used to punch or prick the card stock. I have been using a pin with a large head and I was hoping that there was a better way.

    • I like the single needle tool made by Pergamano. Its primary use is for parchment craft so has a fine metal pricking pin. An Internet search for “Pergamano” should find a supplier.

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