PinBroidery pattern smaller size test

I have been conducting a pattern size survey on the Prick and Stitch is my Craft blog. This has produced a good response with about half of those voting saying they would like the PinBroidery square patterns to be smaller than 144 x 144 mm (5¾ x 5¾ inches). To take the survey to the … Read more

Where to buy square double-fold cards

Double fold cards have three panels and two fold lines. The design is stitched on the centre panel. When the stitching is finished the right-hand panel is folded inside and fixed with card adhesive or double-sided self-adhesive tape. This hides the back of the stitching. Designs on our sister website Form-A-Lines, fit a card size … Read more

How did PinBroidery get its name?

We were looking for an exclusive word that sums up the prick and stitch method of making greetings cards. An Internet search turned up an online Random Word Generator that was great fun to use. You enter 10 or more words on your chosen subject and it comes up with a list of words that are similar, but probably never before seen.