Beaded snowflake – forum gallery stitching card of the week

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beaded snowflake

This weeks card is “Beaded snowflake” made by CapricornK.

It was made using a pattern from the Stitching Cards Bead Snowflake pattern. This beautiful Christmas card uses silver bugle beads and pearl seed beads stitched with silver thread on a blue background. This is mounted on gold card to form a border and then on a white card with gold snowflakes.

It was posted in the Form-A-Lines forum gallery.

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6 thoughts on “Beaded snowflake – forum gallery stitching card of the week”

  1. I have also done the snowflake for a special christmas card for my sister. I was very pleased with the result.
    I have downloaded lots of your value packs and will continue to do the rest next year.
    Have a happy Xmas and New year.
    Regards, Marian

  2. Thank you for all the beautiful free patterns. I wonder where I can buy clear cellophane envelope to protect the cards from too much handling by well-meaning people.

    I am retired and recently widowed. Stitch a card has kept me healthy.

    Happy Holidays.

  3. hi helen,

    your local craft shop should sell cellophane envelopes. or if you are lucky like me a local aladins cave sells them.

    hope this helps

    merry christmas

  4. I like your patterns, but find receiving them on cp is not good. I do not have color on printer, therefore I do not get much of the information and expecially do not know where I got the pattern as you have that information in light blue.

  5. Thank you for the useful feedback, N Johnson.

    The free patterns on this web site do not have any colour pictures so you are not missing anything by printing them on a mono printer. The patterns on the Stitching Cards web site have thread colour information in the written instructions.

    The blue wording on the PDF file is a link to our web site. If you click on the link it should open the web site in your web browser. I suggest you save the pattern files to your computer and then you will have a ready reference. Or add this web site to your favourites.

    Best wishes,

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