Free rose easy prick n’ stitch greetings card pattern

This beautiful rose pattern is easy for beginners to stitch and if you are experienced at greetings card embroidery you will find it quick to complete. The downloadable stitching pattern includes step-by-step instructions and a pricking pattern. The rose design is suitable for many occasions including birthdays, anniversaries and thank you cards.

rose prick n' stitch greetings cardThe photograph shows the rose stitched with the flowers in red thread and the leaves and stems in green.

If you would like to try my pattern you can download it from the following link:

Download free rose pattern

The pattern is in a PDF file and you will need Adobe Reader to view and print it. Adobe Reader software can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe website.

Please let me know how you get on with this pattern by using the comment link below. If you would like to display a picture of the card that you make from it please email it to me at [email protected] .


10 thoughts on “Free rose easy prick n’ stitch greetings card pattern”

  1. Thank you David. I was looking for an easy pattern to take with me on a trip and this is just perfect. I can stitch a bunch of them and use them for all kinds of different cards.

  2. Thank You , Thank You, Thank You, you’re a lifesaver. I needed a pattern for a birthday card for the monster in law ans she’s seen all of my flower cards, so now I can do this one in Yellow thread (she loves yellow roses) and keep her quiet

    I think I’ll prick a few out at one go and build a stash up

    Please keep bringing us these lovely simple patterns, sometimes less is more.


  3. I can’t access the file. I get this message.

    File does not exist. Make sure you specified correct file name.

    DJ’s reply:
    Thank you for pointing that out Ema. I have fixed it now.

  4. Thanks, David, for the beautiful rose patter. I stitched the roses in yellow thread and colored them with yellow chalk. They look real.

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