Pinbroidery card size free test pattern

Flower corners pricking patternThank you to everyone who has provided useful feedback to my question “Do you like the size of the Pinbroidery patterns?” In order to take the survey to the next stage I have produced a reduced size version of the flower corners pattern. It is available free from the Pinbroidery web site blog.

I have reduced the pattern to 120 x 120 mm (4¾ x 4¾ inches). There are a number of manufacturers who produce single fold greetings card blanks that a stitched panel of this size could be mounted on.

You will have to download the original full size flower corners pattern to get the stitching instructions.

The reduction of about 20% means that the holes are a bit closer together but the spacing should still be adequate.

I do like the larger size as it gives me more scope to develop the pattern. What I have in mind for future Pinbroidery patterns is that I could supply the pricking pattern in two sizes: 144 mm square and a reduced size to be decided. Your feedback will help me come to a decision on this.

Please let me have your feedback on the smaller pattern as a comment to this article or on the Pinbroidery blog.

4 thoughts on “Pinbroidery card size free test pattern”

  1. I belong to several card making groups. We use cardstock that measures 8.5 x 11 inches; we cut this into four pieces (sometimes we trim each piece down by another quarter of an inch). We do our stitching and mount the 4 x 5.25 piece on our usual folded cards (we get 2 folded cards from one piece of 8.5 x 11 cardstock). For us, a rectangular format that fits within the 4.25 x 5.5 format would be good. I love the designs on the Pinbroidery site, but they won’t fit our rectangular format. Thank you for considering this information.

  2. David, thank you for going to so much trouble to please us addicted stitchers! I love the larger cards and even though they are square, they fit nicely on a larger rectangular card with room at the top or bottom for lettering. It will be great to have the option of doing them smaller for those of us who dont know how to get a smaller image from our printers.

  3. I think it is great to have larger patterns & love square cards. It is so easy to make them smaller if required, which I do with my standard format if I want to make gift tags. I stitch my pattern then make a card that suits the size of the design.

  4. Just downloaded some of your patterns and just love them. Just got into this craft with a friend and we both are enjoying it. Hopefully in a month or so we can order from your sight. Thank you for the wonderful patterns. Have a wonderful day!!

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