Prick and stitch flower pattern. Download it free.

I have just designed a prick and stitch flower pattern for visitors to the Prick And Stitch Is My Craft web site. You can use this simple design to try out the embroidery card making technique.

My prick and stitch flower card.
My prick and stitch flower card.

I have used Kreinik metallic thread in green, red and gold on a hammered white card. The stem and flower outlines are worked in stem stitch. The flower centre and leaves are worked in crossing fill.

The sky, petals and grass are coloured with Dovecraft Decorative chalks. These come in a palette of solid colours. You use small balls of cotton wool to apply the chalk. The chalks are great for getting delicate effects.

If you would like to try the pattern you can download it from the following link:

Download free flower pattern

The pattern is in a PDF file and you will need Adobe Reader to view and print it. Adobe Reader software can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe website.

If you are new to prick and stitch card making there is a useful illustrated guide to the technique on the Stitching Cards web site called “How stitching cards are made“.

14 thoughts on “Prick and stitch flower pattern. Download it free.”

  1. This looks a very effective, simple pattern and will not take long to finish. All good points when teaching a 9yr old, I hope! I’ll let you know how we get on.

  2. A nice simple pattern. I have used small items from other patterns in much the same way and also used chalks for infill as they can enhance the finished pattern.

  3. Thank you for the free stitching cards – I think the flower one with chalk colouring is superb. I have recently got back into ‘sewing’ cards again so these new patterns are a bonus for me

  4. David
    My seven year old granddaughter found this pattern really lovely to do for her mother’s birthday. Thank you for some great patterns keep them coming!


    Nicky Fleming

  5. Thank you so much for your free patterns. I always like getting new patterns but especially if they are free. I have been stitching cards for years and ejoy it most of any craft that I have ever done. Thanks for sharing. Cathy Wells

  6. Thank you for sharing this simple flower pattern – I especially like it for it’s simplicity and love the chalking which enhances it.
    I am just trying to do a bit of Prick and stitch and to find a pattern which was not too complicated has been difficult.

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